electricsoup is a boutique agency for film, interactive apps and computer-generated imagery, working internationally, located in South-Western Germany.

We are fluent in economy and culture, hi-tech and emotion, research and avant-garde.

We listen and understand. We invent your images, translate your worlds, tell your story. Fast, flexible, different – and unflinchingly sophisticated.
  • Film

    • It takes courage and wit to get things across. With PR and corporate film, as well as with TV documentaries, we bring 15 years of experience into the fray.
    • We get to the point. Spark emotions. And enthral your audience.

  • Interactive

    • We create mobile apps und interactive experiences: Native apps for iOS and Android, VR/AR apps, multi-platform solutions.
    • Digital teaching points, POI / POS innovations, or walk-in virtual experiences. Interactive installations and integrated spatial-medial master exhibition setups created by electricsoup can be found in museums and institutions across Germany and worldwide.

  • Media

    • We create a new image of your world. From straightforward diagram to 3D animation, from virtual production line to biocybernetic interactive visualisation.
    • Whatever you have in mind, whatever future vision you want to anticipate or whatever historic idea you want to save from oblivion – we build it up and bring it to life.



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product film
corporate film
  • interactive: Munich Documentation Centre
  • The New Tourismo
  • Vision Zero
  • dkfz – Research for a Life without Cancer
  • Hahn+Kolb – Let's Work Together
  • Isles of Earth (Iceland 1) – Teaser
  • MTAE – My Kind of Job
  • Würth Group – Living Culture
  • Aerial Architecture Reel
  • ASB – Refugee Crisis Serbia
  • Hahn+Kolb – Messmikroskop CNC
  • Isles of Earth (Iceland 2) – Teaser
  • The New Tourismo: Design
  • Screed Trap
  • The New Tourismo: Comfort
  • A Challenge Worth Taking
  • interactive: Evolution of the Universe
  • Welcome to Istanbul
  • Hahn + Kolb Logistics 
  • interactive: Jewish Museum Munich
  • 14 Tage Kosovo
  • The New Tourismo (extended)
  • Reactive Robotics 
  • Aerial Film Reel
  • Atlantropa



T +49 7072 91 39 890
Härtenstraße 55
D 72127 Kusterdingen